Perfect Collection Ys

Perfect Collection Ys

CD (2 discs): KICA-1012~3
3800 Yen
[King Records 1990/08/05]


Disc 1

Special Arrange Version

  1. Feena
  2. Fountain of Love
  3. The Syonin
  4. Tears of Slyph
  5. First Step Towards Wars
  6. Palace
  7. Holders of Power
  8. Palace of Destruction
  9. Beat of the Terror
  10. Tower of the Shadow of Death~The Last Moment of the Dark
  11. Final Battle
  12. Rest in Peace
  13. The Morning Grow
  14. See You Again

Disc 2

Vocal Version

  1. Alone Battle (Subterranean Canal)

Super Arrange Version

  1. Feena
  2. Ruins of Moondoria

New Age Music Version

  1. Baroque Intelligence (Tears of Slyph)
  2. After Listening to Satie (Feena)
  3. Afternoon Teatime (So Much for Today)

Vocal Version

  1. Endless History (The Morning Grow)

J.D.K. Band Arrange Version

  1. Palace of Destruction
  2. Tower of the Shadow of Death