Music from Ys II

Music from Ys II

CD: KICA-2302
2200 Yen
[King Records 1993/05/21]

CD: K32X-7704
2920 Yen
LP: K28G-7704
2560 Yen
TAPE: K28H-4704
2560 Yen
[King Records 1988/06/21]


Game Soundtrack Version

  1. To Make the End of Battle (Title)
  2. Lilia (Lilia)
  3. Too Full With Love (Rance Village)
  4. Apathetic Story (Residence 1)
  5. May I Help You? (Shop)
  6. Feel Blue (Residence 2)
  7. Ruins of Moondoria (Moondoria Ruins)
  8. Noble District of Toal (Toru Sanctuary)
  9. Rest in Peace (Shrine in the Sanctuary)
  10. Cavern of Rasteenie (Rasutini Cave)
  11. Protecters (Powerful Character)
  12. Ice Ridge of Noltia (Norutia Ice Ridge)
  13. Inside of the Ice Wall (The Other Side of the Ice Ridge)
  14. Moat of Burnedbless (Burnedbless Lava)
  15. Tender People (Ramia Village)
  16. Palace of Salmon (Sarumon Shrine)
  17. Subterranean Canal (Waterways Beneath the Shrine)
  18. Companile of Lane (Shrine's Bell Tower)
  19. Pressure Road (The Core of the Land of Ys)
  20. Don't Go So Smoothly! (Room in the Core ~ Don't Give In!)
  21. Feena (Room in the Core ~ Harmonica)
  22. Termination (Final Boss Darm)
  23. A Still Time (Ending I)
  24. Stay With Me Forever (Ending II)
  25. So Much for Today (Game Over)

Hiroyuki Nanba Arrange Version

  1. To Make The End of Battle
  2. Palace of Salmon
  3. Companile of Lane
  4. Termination

Vocal Version

  1. Too Full With Love

Sound Effects Collection

  1. Sword Striking SFX
  2. Enemy Attack SFX
  3. Player Recieves Damage SFX
  4. Defeated Enemy SFX
  5. Level Up SFX
  6. Warp SFX
  7. Door SFX
  8. Conversation SFX
  9. Hit Point Recovery SFX
  10. Return Magic SFX
  11. Evil Bell SFX
  12. Player Death SFX
  13. Illusion Mirror SFX
  14. Bullet Striking Enemy SFX
  15. Fire Magic SFX
  16. Tialmass Landing SFX
  17. Stairway Climbing SFX
  18. Gilalardy Attack SFX
  19. Water Pulling SFX
  20. Pause SFX
  21. Powerful Character Death SFX
  22. Treasure Chest SFX
  23. Wall Collapsing SFX
  24. Bell SFX
  25. Final Boss Darm Death SFX