Moon Scape (Star Trader)

Music: Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.
Arrangement: Tomohiko Kishimoto
Lyric: Tomohiko Kishimoto
Vocal: Tomohiko Kishimoto

Oh gettin' in my heart
Comin' with the beat
An' I love what I feel
Can you feel the same

I'm lookin' for that feelin'
Walkin' in the dark
Oh there is no ticket
If you look for around

I'm runnin' on my life
Like a dirty jagged knife
Oh how many times
I need to find my dreams

So try to do my best
every time an' all the things
I don't care it's wrong or right
Now I'm gonna try an' try

I'm crazy but I'm no fool
Only don't like burnin' out
I'm winner in the end
Are you ready to fight
Come on! Let's get it together

You'd fly a faraway
For a dark an' endless way
You'd walk a faraway
For a hard an' heavy way

Don't let you passin' by
It mean (no) no good time
Don't look back! Hey look out!
The victory is next to you

I've got the fire
I've got the power of the heart

I've got the fire
I've got ways to make it last

You've got the fire
You've got the power in your heart

You're got the fire
You've got eternal power

Open your eyes
Open your heart
Fill your heart with desire