Ys Memorial Sounds

Ys Memorial Sounds

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[Nihon Falcom Corp. 2003/09/27]


Music from Ys II

  1. To Make the End of Battle

Falcom Neo Classic

  1. Lilia Symphonic Suite

Feena-Shoko Minami

  1. Termination

Falcom Nanba Collection

  1. First Step Towerds Wars

Popful Mail Paradise

  1. Dear Friends

Falcom Vocal Collection III

  1. Somebody Loves You

Music from Ys

  1. Tower of the Shadow of Death & The Last Moment of the Dark

Falcom Special Box '94

  1. Legend of the Wind

Feena - Shoko Minami

  1. Whisper of the Goddesses

CD Drama The Legend of Heroes III - The White Witch - The Legend Continues

  1. Your Courage, Your Eyes, Your Tenderness


  1. ...Mazurka

Ys Piano Collection 2

  1. Selceta Forest


  1. The Dawn of Ys

Falcom Special Box '97

  1. Victory!!

Bonus Track

  1. Ys I Complete - Opening