Image Album Ys V

Image Album Ys V
Kefin, Lost Kingdom of Sand

CD: KICA-1172
1800 Yen
[King Records 1996/01/06]


Game Soundtrack Version

  1. Field of Gale
  2. Foresta Village
  3. Crimson Ruins
  4. Thieves of Brotherhood
  5. Charged Trial
  6. Desert Clime
  7. Turning Death Spiral
  8. Break into Territory
  9. Niena

J.D.K. Band Arrange

  1. Field of Gale
  2. Thieves of Brotherhood
  3. Break Into Territory

Midori Kawana Vocal Version

  1. Brand New Memories (Niena)
  2. Brand New Memories (Karaoke)