Very Best of Ys

Very Best of Ys

CD: KICA-1220
2800 Yen
[King Records 1998/11/27]


Symphony Ys

  1. Chapter 1
    • Feena
    • First Step Towards Wars
    • Palace

Perfect Collection Ys

  1. Palace of Destruction


  1. PrePrimer (Palace)

Ys IV Perfect Collection 2

  1. Tower of the Shadow of Death

Provincialism Ys

  1. The Last Moment of the Dark

Perfect Collection Ys

  1. Endless History (The Morning Grow)

J.D.K. Band 1

  1. To Make the End of Battle

The Vocal From Ys

  1. Lilia ~ English Version ~

Perfect Collection Ys II

  1. Palace of Salmon

Ys Heaven's Sanctuary Perfect Collection 3

  1. A Battle While the Bell Tolls (Companile of Lane)

Music From Ys II

  1. Termination

Falcom Neo Classic

  1. Lilia Symphonic Suite

Falcom Special Box '97 - Midori Kawana Sings Ys

  1. Victory! (See You Again)