Rie Sugimoto Collection

King CD Library Artists Collection
Rie Sugimoto Collection

CD: KICX-7074
1980 Yen
[King Records 1999/11/26]

  1. Write a Love Letter at Twilight
  2. Almost Too Late For Love
  3. Memories in Full Bloom
  4. Sorrowful Angel - Those Were the Days
  5. X'Mas in Your Eyes
  6. Follow Me to Sleep in Stardust
  7. Cleria
  8. Showered with Puppy Love
  9. The Forest Is Calling
  10. Kiss You For a Thousand Years
  11. Lunar Eclipse in the Sacred District (Sanctuaria)
  12. Forgotten Sprite's Orgel
  13. Wanna Kiss the Rabbit in the Moon
  14. I'm Holding a Meteor Shower
  15. Quiet Boys
  16. Goodbye Pegasus